The Science Behind Eddie

Eddie’s patented features are the first of their kind.
Penile cross section

The physiology of erectile dysfunction

Science has helped us to understand the biology of erectile dysfunction and develop more efficient ways to manage it.

While developing Eddie by Giddy™, we put an ED patient in an MRI machine to scan penile blood flow patterns as he maintained an erection. It was a first-of-its-kind imaging endeavor that helped the Eddie® development team create its particular shape.

Eddie EngineeredEddie Engineered

Engineered for performance

Eddie is designed to fit the anatomy of the penis and work with the natural physiology of an erection.

1) The unique shape leaves the arteries unencumbered, allowing for maximum blood flow

2) The tension band (Comfort and Sport) provides the ideal tension to suit your needs

3) The flexible legs provide a curved design for band application and a made-for-you, comfortable fit

Clinical Trial Results Bar GraphClinical Trial Results Bar Graph

Trust the science

A group of men completed a clinical trial with Eddie® in which they used Eddie as part of their sex lives for 12 weeks.


  • 96% Callout

    96% reported improved confidence in achieving an erection

  • 93% Callout

    93% reported an increase in confidence in their sexual performance

  • 93% Callout

    93% reported higher-quality erections

  • Confidence Level Graph
  • Intimacy Levels Graph

Clinical trials timeline


    86.67% of participants felt dissatisfied with their overall sex life

  • WEEK 4

    Dissatisfaction with overall sex life dropped to only 20% of participants

  • WEEK 8

    83.33% of participants were moderately to very satisfied with their overall sex life

  • WEEK 12

    By the final visit, 86.67% of participants felt moderately to very satisfied with their overall sex life

Hear from real Eddie users

  • Another satisfied user picture

    Great Results

    Worked for me. Much harder erection with veins showing. Was able to maintain erection through ejaculation. I felt like 27 again. Ease of putting it on. Comfortable. Very satisfied. Used with Viagra.

    Robert M. on May 9, 2021

  • Another satisfied user picture

    Good service. Excellent results

    Product arrived sooner than expected. I had concern regarding choosing the correct size. Using the circumference measurement method resulted in an appropriate and surprisingly comfortable fit.

    MRW on July 7, 2020

  • Another satisfied user picture

    Works like promised

    I have not been able to get hard for the last four years. I am one of those with diabetes, heart problems, over weight and COPD. First time I tried it it worked like a charm. Could not be happier.

    Peter on August 6, 2020

  • Another satisfied user picture

    The product works as advertised

    The product works as advertised, but it's a little difficult to put on. I found it was easier to put on before I got an erection, and then once I did, the product helped me to retain it.

    Hugh W. on January 26, 2021

  • Another satisfied user picture

    Satisfied customer

    Very satisfied on the results of using the Eddie. Made me bigger and firm. No worries about going soft, stayed solid. My wife was pleasantly surprised. No pills, just Eddie.

    Fred M. on March 2, 2023

  • Another satisfied user picture

    It’s worth a shot!!

    Used twice along with my medication and it enhanced my experience greatly. Have not used just on its own though but maybe I will try to see what happens.

    Kasey J. on March 3, 2023

Find your perfect fit

Eddie is available in four sizes - A, B, C, D - that are capable of fitting approximately 98.99% of men. Sizing for Eddie is based on the girth (circumference) of the penis, and the frequency of ED symptoms.