Eddie®: The New Bedroom Standard.

Perform at your peak again using the trusted and tested ED device.

Hear from real Eddie users.

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Another satisfied user picture
Another satisfied user picture
Another satisfied user picture
Another satisfied user picture

Confidence Builder

I have had ED for 17 years and could not believe the difference that your product has made in my sex life. My confidence level is through the roof. Amazing product and I am well satisfied.

M.L. on July 24, 2023

Satisfied customer

Very satisfied on the results of using the Eddie. Made me bigger and firm. No worries about going soft, stayed solid. My wife was pleasantly surprised. No pills, just Eddie.

Fred M. on March 2, 2023

It’s worth a shot!!

Used twice along with my medication and it enhanced my experience greatly. Have not used just on its own though but maybe I will try to see what happens.

Kasey J. on March 3, 2023


Believe it or not, the one I ordered was too tight. I always thought I was on the small side. The larger size is just right. My GF likes it too, says she thinks that it makes me harder. Just to be safe, she lubed me up really well.

Nikolai on October 10, 2023

Do What the Dr. Says

Although it took me three tries to get the right size I finally found Eddie to be easy to wear and return me to my younger years. Rock hard again--what a relief!

Denny R. on March 14, 2023

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“ED medications have a handful of potential side effects, but it’s unlikely you’ll experience any from Eddie by Giddy"

Men's Health

“This revolutionary medical device combats ED, restoring confidence and vitality in the bedroom.”

Ask men

“Eddie by Giddy empowers men and their partners to live more fulfilling lives, starting with better sex.”

Yahoo News

"For guys who are struggling with ED, or are looking for a recreational 'boost'... Eddie might be the perfect new tech product to bring into the bedroom."

Ask Men

Better sex. No Rx.

Take your performance to new heights with our scientifically engineered device that delivers results without the wait, cost, or side effects of pills.

Men Satisfied with their sex life bar chartMen Satisfied with their sex life bar chart

Trust the science

A group of men completed a clinical trial with Eddie® in which they used Eddie as part of their sex lives for 12 weeks.

Clinical Trials

  • 96% Callout

    96% reported improved confidence in achieving an erection

  • 93% Callout

    93% reported increased confidence in their sexual performance

  • 93% Callout

    93% reported higher-quality erections

The Eddie Subscription

How do you wear Eddie?

Eddie can be applied when your penis is flaccid (soft) or erect (hard).

Place Eddie at the base of your penis, in front of your testicles, with the opening facing down.

Wrap one of the tension bands around the ends of the device. Use the blue band for less constriction, or use the red band for maximum constriction.

For those with limited hand strength, an alternative method is to wrap the tension band around Eddie before placing it on your penis, then gently pull Eddie apart to create a wider opening, while sliding it down onto the base of your penis. You can also try covering the device in lubricant to assist.

Talk to your doctor before using Eddie. We recommend trying Eddie alone, first, before trying it with a partner, to become familiar with how it feels and works.

What is the subscription plan?

The Stay-Giddy Plan is our subscription plan for Eddie. When you sign up, you'll automatically receive fresh Eddies and tension bands every 4 months. 

Your payment information on file will be charged the appropriate amount every 4 months, and your Eddie and bands will be shipped for free in 5-7 business days.

How fast is shipping?*

Your order will be fulfilled next business day and shipped for free via USPS First Class (estimated 5 to 7 business days). Express shipping via USPS Priority is also available for an additional fee.

*Please note that some delays may occur due to COVID or for purchases made around US Federal holidays.

Can I speak to someone on the phone?

Giddy customer support is currently provided exclusively via email. If you’d like to leave a detailed voice message at 1-510-916-4347 , please include your email address and someone from our customer care team will contact you in 3 to 5 business days. If you’re an existing customer, please provide the email address you used when placing your order, so we can better assist you.

What happens if I cancel my “Stay-Giddy” subscription plan?

We don't charge any cancellation fees. Please login to your account to manage your plan. Update your address, account payment info, or check on the status of new deliveries by logging into your account profile.